Post Whole30 Results

I finished my Whole30 on 4/8/2014.   I weighed in the morning of 4/9/2014 and was 159.8 pounds.   This is about 12 pounds less than the weigh in of 171.8 pounds.  While I wasn’t looking necessarily for more weight-loss, I was carrying residual fat on my back, hips and haunch for the last few months of living primal (with the 20% being a beer on weekends, cream and sugar in my coffee).  By eliminating my “cheats” and eating 100% “paleo” my body responded by using up the last of my excess body fat.  Now for the first time in my life I am dangerously close to having “abs”(at the spry age of 44).  Although the most workouts I achieved in a week was 2, they were effective.  My arms are getting more defined and growing, my waist is shrinking and I am starting to see definition in my legs (The walks I do monitor add up to about 50 kms a week).   We are starting another Whole30 on the back of this one, but I definitely won’t be trying to remember what I ate each day and post it.  Once we get these lifestyle changes to be second nature it just won’t be called The Whole30 anymore!  I’ll get some “after” photos soon just for fun.


Since starting to eat paleo, and drastically raising my exercise level, I have lost 47 pounds, had my blood pressure go from “high” to actually a little low.  I have noticed having far fewer tics with my Tourette Syndrome.  My energy levels are remarkably higher.  I laid down for a nap yesterday (mostly out of habit and because I had the time) and I just dozed and relaxed.  I never actually slept; my body and mind didn’t need it!

While we start another Whole30 our goals are to make the food more interesting, keep moving away from poor habits (wanting “dessert”, eating snacks between meals and eating enough at those meals) and getting more effective exercise other than walking.  My goal will be to get 3 workouts a week in and continue to make them more intense.


More to come soon!


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