Re-Introduction vs Relapse

After finishing my Whole30 the program encourages you to re-introduce some foods back into your diet.  Well…..there aren’t that many I was interested in eating again.  But one of the things I was interested in was having a few adult beverages on weekends.  After much reading I had decided that I would probably have organic cider if I wanted a drink, but I also wanted to see what a beer would do to me.  I had one 500ml Pilsner and  I was already feeling phlegmy and had a heavy chest before I had finished drinking it.  I had one cider the night before and felt fine.  The internet was right!   Now the title of this entry is Re-Introduction vs Relapse.  What I could have done was drop everything on Friday and drink a case of beer.  i could have gone out and had an ice cream cone and see if I fell over.  I also had two Bavarian Smokies (which contained milk powder).  I was fine!  I’d decided at the beginning of the Whole30 that I didn’t miss dairy in my coffee (or sugar for that matter) and was not going to start that again.  I think the fact that I lost 12 lbs during those 30 days when i had plateaued shows that my body didn’t want those things.


One of the things that changed drastically were my breakfasts.  Everyday was either 2 slices of bacon or 2 pork sausages with eggs.  This may have perpetuated my cholesterol issues.  I have re-introduced the sausages, but only one a day and two per week.  Bacon is only a treat once or twice a week.  I’d like to see my cholesterol in a month or two…..


Next up……EXERCISE!!!


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