Re-Introduction vs Relapse

After finishing my Whole30 the program encourages you to re-introduce some foods back into your diet.  Well…..there aren’t that many I was interested in eating again.  But one of the things I was interested in was having a few adult beverages on weekends.  After much reading I had decided that I would probably have organic cider if I wanted a drink, but I also wanted to see what a beer would do to me.  I had one 500ml Pilsner and  I was already feeling phlegmy and had a heavy chest before I had finished drinking it.  I had one cider the night before and felt fine.  The internet was right!   Now the title of this entry is Re-Introduction vs Relapse.  What I could have done was drop everything on Friday and drink a case of beer.  i could have gone out and had an ice cream cone and see if I fell over.  I also had two Bavarian Smokies (which contained milk powder).  I was fine!  I’d decided at the beginning of the Whole30 that I didn’t miss dairy in my coffee (or sugar for that matter) and was not going to start that again.  I think the fact that I lost 12 lbs during those 30 days when i had plateaued shows that my body didn’t want those things.


One of the things that changed drastically were my breakfasts.  Everyday was either 2 slices of bacon or 2 pork sausages with eggs.  This may have perpetuated my cholesterol issues.  I have re-introduced the sausages, but only one a day and two per week.  Bacon is only a treat once or twice a week.  I’d like to see my cholesterol in a month or two…..


Next up……EXERCISE!!!

Post Whole30 Results

I finished my Whole30 on 4/8/2014.   I weighed in the morning of 4/9/2014 and was 159.8 pounds.   This is about 12 pounds less than the weigh in of 171.8 pounds.  While I wasn’t looking necessarily for more weight-loss, I was carrying residual fat on my back, hips and haunch for the last few months of living primal (with the 20% being a beer on weekends, cream and sugar in my coffee).  By eliminating my “cheats” and eating 100% “paleo” my body responded by using up the last of my excess body fat.  Now for the first time in my life I am dangerously close to having “abs”(at the spry age of 44).  Although the most workouts I achieved in a week was 2, they were effective.  My arms are getting more defined and growing, my waist is shrinking and I am starting to see definition in my legs (The walks I do monitor add up to about 50 kms a week).   We are starting another Whole30 on the back of this one, but I definitely won’t be trying to remember what I ate each day and post it.  Once we get these lifestyle changes to be second nature it just won’t be called The Whole30 anymore!  I’ll get some “after” photos soon just for fun.


Since starting to eat paleo, and drastically raising my exercise level, I have lost 47 pounds, had my blood pressure go from “high” to actually a little low.  I have noticed having far fewer tics with my Tourette Syndrome.  My energy levels are remarkably higher.  I laid down for a nap yesterday (mostly out of habit and because I had the time) and I just dozed and relaxed.  I never actually slept; my body and mind didn’t need it!

While we start another Whole30 our goals are to make the food more interesting, keep moving away from poor habits (wanting “dessert”, eating snacks between meals and eating enough at those meals) and getting more effective exercise other than walking.  My goal will be to get 3 workouts a week in and continue to make them more intense.


More to come soon!

Day Thirty of Whole30

Day thirty is complete!   I will do a thorough update in the next day or so with the results!


Breakfast: 3 egg omelette with bell peppers, zucchini and 2 turkey patties. A coffee with coconut milk
Lunch: 2.5 turkey patties and a spinach garden salad.  Banana
Supper:   Roast Beef with steamed carrots and peas
Mood and Energy: Woke up with a bit of pain and had a muscle spasm in my left Trapezius for the entire day (Didn’t push my luck with a workout)
Exercise: walked 6.6 kms.

Day Twenty-Nine of Whole30

Breakfast: 3 egg omelette with bell peppers, zucchini and a bit of diced leftover chicken.  A coffee with coconut milk

Lunch:  Tuna on spinach garden salad

Supper: Beef meatloaf and Brussels sprouts

Second supper: chicken breast and garden salad with white balsamic vinaigrette (at a restaurant)

Mood and Energy:  Woke up with a bit of pain that dissipated by early morning

Exercise: walked  7.0 kms.

Day Twenty-Eight of Whole30

Breakfast: 3 egg omelette with bell peppers and a bit of diced leftover chicken.  A coffee with coconut milk

Lunch:  Tuna on spinach garden salad, leftover beef stew

Supper:  pork loin and steamed cauliflower and carrots

Mood and Energy:  Woke up with quite a bit of back pain that i needed to walk off.  Pretty cranky thoroughout the day

Exercise: walked 5.9 kms.

Day Twenty-Seven of Whole30

Breakfast: 3 egg omelette with bell peppers,zucchini and pork chopped sausage.  A coffee with coconut milk

Lunch:  BLT!  No bread obviously

Supper:  Ribs with Paleo BBQ Sauce, Nando’s style chicken and mashed cauliflower, carrot and sweet potato

Mood and Energy:  Pretty good ’til later in the afternoon.  Had a nap around 1630h

Exercise: walked 7.7 kms.

Day Twenty-Six of Whole30

I was very busy today, but i found time to eat right and still get my walks in. I can’t believe it’s been almost a month already. I feel great and have the energy that they’ve talked about in the Whole30 and Primal Blueprint. Looking forward to an active weekend and sleeping in ’til 7!

Breakfast: 3 egg omelette with bell peppers and a pork sausage.  A coffee with coconut milk

Lunch:    pork chops, chicken soup and some raw carrots and celery

Supper:  Ground beef in Coconut sauce with sauteed bell peppers, onions and zucchini in tomato paste

Mood and Energy:  Good all day.  Not really sore from the work out yesterday.  Maybe my abs are a little sore.

Exercise: walked 6.7 kms.

Day Twenty-Five of Whole30

Breakfast: 3 egg omelette with bell peppers and a pork chop.  A coffee with coconut milk

Lunch:    pork chops, carrots and green beans and an orange

Supper:  Beef stew

Mood and Energy:  Great.  Another family walk!

Exercise: walked 7.5 kms.  20 intervals of 30 seconds.  Biceps, triceps and planking.  Moved up from beginner to intermediate planking.  Moved up weight for EZ bar curls

Day Twenty-Four of Whole30

We all went for a huge walk down by the ocean.   It was awesome to have the whole family out getting sea air and exercise.  We did get a baseball field to ourselves for a bit and let the dogs run.  I tried running with them on leash and we all almost died in a tangle of fur and kneecaps.  We let them off leash and watched them run like bandits for the first time in a long while.  The dogs get to walk a lot but not run as much as we’d like.  We’d like them to come back so we’re working on that!


Breakfast: 3 egg omelette with bell peppers and a pork chop.  A coffee with coconut milk

Lunch:    Pork chops and broccoli and a banana

Supper:   Home made chicken soup

Mood and Energy:  Great.  Went for 5 walks total with one large walk with my wife and dogs down buy the ocean!

Exercise: walked 8.6 kms

Day Twenty-Three of Whole30

I had really good energy today.  I had a nap for the sole reason that I had time and it was a nice, sunny day in the bedroom!  Didn’t walk as much as I’d like.  Finally had enough for lunch so that I wasn’t hungry until supper.


Breakfast: 3 egg omelette with spinach, bell peppers and zucchini.  A few small pieces of pork tenderloin.  A coffee with coconut milk

Lunch:    Pork tender loin, carrots and cauliflower and a banana

Supper:   Grass-fed beef burgers and a strawberry, spinach garden salad

Mood and Energy:  Pretty good, but I had a nap when i got home.  The difference being I set an alarm and only slept for 35 minutes

Exercise: walked 5.9 kms and played tug with the 70lb Labradoodle!

Day Twenty-Two of Whole30

I had pretty good energy throughout the day but I had some serious attitude issues before bed.  I fell asleep ok.  No cravings or feeling too hungry today.  End is on the horizon!


Breakfast: 3 egg omelette with spinach, bell peppers and zucchini.  A coffee with coconut milk

Lunch:    Leftover steak and a garden salad

Snack:  More leftover steak

Supper:   Nando’s style BBQ chicken (yes we liked it that much) and fried veggies

Mood and Energy: Not bad.  Really cranky near bedtime

Exercise: walked 6.8 kms

Day Twenty-one of Whole30

I slept in a little today and took a short walk with the dogs.  My mood got significantly better throughout the day.  I had no urge to have a nap at all.  Nine days left ’til I make basically no changes at all!


Breakfast: 3 egg omelette with spinach, bell peppers and left over chicken.  A coffee with coconut milk

Lunch:    The rest of the chick and a garden salad

Supper:   BBQed steak, steamed carrots and broccoli

Mood and Energy:  Not too bad, but slept in ’til 0800h today

Exercise: walked 6.1 kms

Day Twenty of Whole30

I slept in a little today and took a short walk with the dogs knowing I would work out later.  I think I have been overdoing it by walking 8+ kms then working out too.  I cleaned off the BBQ and greased it with coconut oil for the first BBQ of the season.  It was absolutely beautiful out.


Breakfast: 3 egg omelette with spinach and bell peppers.   One piece of no sugar added bacon.  A coffee with coconut milk

Lunch:  Spinach garden salad and spiced, flaked tuna

Supper:  Nando’s style BBQed Chicken and baked yam fries

Mood and Energy:  Not too bad, but slept in ’til 0740h today

Exercise: walked  5.8 kms,  Did 20 intervals of 3 separate Triceps, 2 biceps and planking exercises

Day Nineteen of Whole30

I had a day off of work and had an opportunity to slow down at lunch time and make whatever I wanted for lunch.  I didn’t have anywhere near enough protien and fat in the mean and was hungry before supper.  I really need to step up for ,lunches.


Breakfast: 3 egg omelette with spinach and bell peppers.   Two pieces of no sugar added bacon.  A coffee with coconut milk

Lunch:  Half a sage sausage and spinach garden salad

Supper:  Zucchini strips and meatballs in tomato sauce (Thanks Honey!)

Mood and Energy:  Pretty decent….no naps

Exercise: walked 7.5 kms

Day Eighteen of Whole30

I woke up at 0250h and a few more times and needed to finally give in and go to the bathroom.  SO not as restful of a sleep.  Later in the morning I had a meeting with my bosses at a cafe.  At the end of the meeting they gave me a huge freezer bag of chocolate chip cookies home made for the guys on the floor.  There must have been 60 cookies.  I had absolutely no desire to have one.   I did have a morbid day dream of eating one because it would sabotage the Whole30, but that’s more of a Tourette Syndrome “I wonder what it would feel like to smash that lamp” impulse rather than a “I reallllly want to eat that wheat and sugar” thing.  Other than having a nap I was a pretty good day.  I had decent energy and I was in good spirits for the day.


Breakfast: 3 egg omelette with spinach and bell peppers. One sage pork sausage.  A coffee with coconut milk

Lunch:    Spinach garden salad and leftover roast beef and veggies

Supper:   Two beef burger patties, green beans and a handful of strawberries

Mood and Energy:  Decent during work but had an hour nap when i got home

Exercise: walked 5.7 kms.  Did 20 intervals of 3 separate Triceps, 2 biceps and planking exercises

Day Seventeen of Whole30

I woke up ten minutes before the alarm I forgot to set.   I fell instantly asleep when I went to bed the night before.  I’d say it’s one of the best sleeps I’ve had in a long time.   I was still hungry between lunch and supper.   Not sure how big my lunch needs to be……I know I need more fat and protein then.


Breakfast: 3 egg omelette with spinach and bell peppers. Two slices if bacon. A coffee with coconut milk

Lunch:    Spinach garden salad and leftover turkey hash and an apple

Supper:   Grassfed roast beef, carrots, baked yam and asparagus.  Strawberries with coconut milk

Mood and Energy: Tuckered out around 3pm

Exercise: walked 7.3 kms

Rest: bi-weekly massage!

Day Sixteen of Whole30

I woke up at 0400h and dozed off and on until I got up just before my alarm.   I definitely needed more food at lunch as I petered out and was hungry long before supper.  I didn’t have enough protein or fat at lunch either.   I’m going to have to start planning better for the next day.


Breakfast: 3 egg omelette with spinach and bell peppers.  A coffee with coconut milk

Lunch:    Celery, carrots and spinach with left over chicken and cauliflower

Supper:   Ground turkey hash.

Mood and Energy: OK energy today.

Exercise: walked 9.4 kms (2 kms of that with a backpack full of meat on!)

Day Fifteen of Whole30

My mood and energy were better today.  I know I had more energy today because I mowed the yard for the first time of the year about 6 weeks earlier than I did last year!  I had to get up to four walks to get a decent distance in.   Went to bed earlier and was lights out and asleep by 2300h.


Breakfast: 3 egg omelette with spinach and bell peppers and an orange.  A coffee with coconut milk

Lunch:  Spinach garden salad with a lemon/white balsamic vinaigrette

Supper:   Chicken breast with broccoli and cauliflower.  A hand full of grapes

Mood and Energy: OK energy today.

Exercise: walked 7.4 kms  Mowed and weed whacked the front yard.

Day Fourteen of Whole30

I took the time to do the bio I’d meant to do before starting the whole 30.  Felt good on my walks but I had a very low tolerance for all the dog traffic.  This made me cranky and the dogs a more agitated.   Our final walk of the night was better.  We kept our distance for the 3 million dogs (does everyone have a dog?) and the walk went fine.  Day 15 tomorrow!


Breakfast: 3 egg omelette with spinach and bell peppers.  A few pieces of beef I stole from the crockpot (shhhh).  A coffee with coconut milk

Lunch:  Spinach garden salad with a lemon/white balsamic vinaigrette.

Snack: Leftover pork loin and apple slices

Supper:   Slow cooked beef and squash

Mood and Energy: OK energy today.  I lounged for the better part of the afternoon after getting two longs walks i before noon.

Exercise: walked 8.1 kms and did Basement Crossfit:  18 x 30 second intervals of plank, side plank, EZ bar curls, low weight chest flies

PrimalAnt Paleo: An Origin Story

Hello.  My name is Anthony.  I was going to write this bio a lot closer to the beginning of my Whole30.  More so to gather my thoughts and recount my journey before embarking on a drastic change to improve my health.   Now that I’m on day 14 I think it will be just as therapeutic and I’ve always wondered what my Primal Blueprint success story would look like.   So let’s begin.

At an early age I realized I was different from the other children that I went to school with. I had more “energy” and no one else seemed to make the same noises I did (impressions, I’d mock sounds I heard and general gibberish when I got excited).   I usually had a small group of friends or acquaintances depending on how many kids didn’t notice, tolerated or were entertained by my “strange” behavior.    High school was tougher and I had less close friends.  My friends were almost always a little younger than me as I seemed to relate to them better and could just be a bit more childish and open with my energy bursts.  Although I do have tenuous ties to a few people from that time I’ve always struggled to make and keep friends.   I partied relentlessly after not really drinking til I was 20 or so (legal age was 18 where I grew up).   At the age of 19 I was in the backseat of a 1980’s Mercury Bobcat when it was rear-ended in winter.  I have chronic neck pain to this day.

Through adolescence and into adulthood I found several ways to disguise my tics or just store them up til I was alone somewhere; at home or in my car.   This takes a lot of energy to do throughout the day and it’s something that I still do so that I can blend in and not attract unwanted attention.   Attention is something I’ve always sought, yet did not know what to do with when I received it.  Most things that I did had some sort of pattern in my head that I needed to adhere to.  Whether this be a pattern that I needed to tap with my feet, my hands or not allowing myself to do something until some arbitrary threshold had been met (one example is not allowing myself to smoke for two hours minutes between cigarettes when I still smoked).   I’d also run countdowns waiting for stressful situations to end.   When the end did not come when I hit zero I would simply count up again.  In my mid twenties I read a book by Oliver Sacks called The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat.  In that book was a case study of a Neurosurgeon in Nelson BC who had Tourette Syndrome.  I related to and had 100% of the “symptoms” as they were described but to a lesser degree (meaning I could hide mine where I believe this fellow had no choice but to release them upon the world).   I now had an explanation for the behaviors that had vexed me and made me feel disconnected from the world as a whole.   Armed this information I made sure to do what I would usually do with a challenge; put it in my back pocket and ignore it.  Tourette Syndrome is a badge I sometimes wear defining a uniqueness about myself and other times it’s something I am very frustrated with.

The reason I mention the Tourette Syndrome is twofold; to explain how/who I am and to set the stage for the changes I have made in the last year and what effect they have had on it.   At roughly the age of 32 I tried to quit smoking for the first time in earnest.  I compensated by eating anything with sugar on my coffee breaks that would keep my inside and not outside with the rest of the smokers.   My entire life I had been rail-thin.   In adulthood at 6 feet tall I had never weighted over 160 pounds.   After quitting smoking in just a few months my weight jumped to 195 pounds.   This was something I really needed to adjust to and was completely foreign to me.  Seeing as I am affected by the slightest tactile input (tight clothes, clothing tags, some forms of touch and food consistency) even sitting down after gaining the weight was odd to me; having the fat around my waste move and jiggle.    I carried this weight and more until two years ago when I changed my diet radically and my wife and I bought our first dog.  Let me digress a moment and tell you about my wife.  I met her when I was 30, skinny and cocky.  She is the strong-willed woman I’ve always needed that doesn’t let me run away with myself.  She has always been supportive and encouraging in everything I do.  This comes in handy now as we do the Whole30 together!  She is my best friend, confidant and the only one who truly understands me.  The diet change I made was based on multiple visits to a Naturopath and “conventional wisdom”.   I cut out red meat, limited my fat intake and changed to “good” grains (mostly rice replacements of things like pasta).  I did go from roughly 215 pounds down to 185 pounds over the next 6 months, along with the help of walking our puppy in the range of 6 and 8 kms a day.   My overall feeling of wellness did not greatly improve and I was still tired a lot of the time.  I also plateaued at a weight that I felt was still unhealthy for my frame and lifestyle.  When we got our second puppy about 6 months later, I quickly fell out of my routine and stopped walking as much (shame on me for the dogs’ sake).  I also fell hard from the way I was eating.  I waded back into a  ton of sweets and grains.

After my wife telling me many times about The Primal Blueprint and Paleo eating in general, I started eating mostly that way last September while my wife was out of the house for a few weeks.  Being on my own I could completely change my habits overnight without having to completely upset her life as well.   I started getting up at 5AM to walk the dogs with no distractions (the dogs are a easy to distract and they are not small).   Here are before and after pictures from February of last year ( I weighed a bit more than September 2013, but looked pretty much the same).  The After picture is the day before we started the Whole30(sorry for the underwear shots in the Before; I wasn’t thinking of public consumption when they were taken).

BaAside BaAfront BaAback

Since last September I have eliminated eating all grains (I would usually have 2 beer on the weekends when watching hockey to unwind(also to cope with being a Maple Leafs fan)).   I have walked a minimum of 6 kms throughout the day with or without the dogs.   I always get up early and walk before work, take a break at lunch to walk and one good walk after supper.  The grain-free diet, with all of the exercise, has greatly lowered inflammation decreasing the impact my neck injury and arthritis have on my daily life.  I didn’t mention before how I stick to some strict routines.  This is a compulsion I have that actually stresses me out (and can sometimes anger me)  if not adhered to or if they are disrupted.  Routine is also a great tool that has aided me in getting  as far as I am today.  If you look through my Whole30 post, you’ll notice how I eat the same breakfast everyday.  I also eat whatever leftovers from the day before (thanks Honey for all the delicious suppers!).   I have absolutely no problem eating the same food everyday.  I actually prefer it;.  It lessens the stress of deciding what to eat, what groceries to buy and lets you focus on other things.  But being married to someone who can’t eat the same thing twice in a month I’m trying to adapt and break my routine when I can.

It hasn’t been all sunshine and candy since eating Paleo.  While my tics can lower or subside for a time, I still need to make some lifestyle changes to help with them.   I still struggle from time to time getting my sleep straight.  I nap when I feel I need it and tend to sleep more on the weekends “to catch up” like I used to before.  I am trying to get up at my regular time to walk to dogs, get them fed and create a healthier routine but I have yet to reach a high level of success on that front.  I do still have outbursts but I am working on mental techniques to recognize when these are happening and try to adjust.  These are issues I’ve battled my whole life and I am happy at the progress I have made.   It encourages me to keep growing and try to be the person I deluded myself into thinking I already was; kind, patient , loving and protective.  I will continue to work with someone on these changes and journey down this health change path.

This brings us to the beginning of our Whole30.  The Whole30 was also brought to me by my wife (forever researching for us), she has made great strides for herself and I ride her coattails eating some incredible meals that I would never make for myself.  I could eat a piece of meat and broccoli for supper and meat and salad for lunch every day.   We are currently on Day 14 and going strong.  I will continue to add more vegetable variety to my repertoire and try to embrace more change.  I started last September at 207 pounds and before the Whole30 had plateaued at 171 pounds.  I believe with the Whole30, raising the bar with exercise above and beyond the walking and continuing to learn through osmosis from my wife my life will greatly improve.  I already feel better than I did in my late twenties and early thirties(how bad did I fell then!!!).    I will stay Paleo after the Whole30 is done.  Coconut milk has easily replaced cream and sugar for me and my two beer on the weekend may change to a few ciders.  I have no doubts of finishing the Whole30 as I just feel so much better.

Hopefully I’ve been able to keep a few people interested until the end of this “quick” bio and maybe a few of you can relate.  And just for fun, here are some pictures of our pups!